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I teach competitive speech and debate in the United States, so if you ever need any help send me a message.
Hey people.... how is it going? Listen up everybody, I am from Ukraine actually, but I could help you with English. I work in match making agency more then year and a half and I have a lot of friends from abroad with whom I like to spend my free time when they are here, inmy country, so let's how I have a good practice... so, the point is that I can give you some good stuff to learn,and I WANT YOU TO NOTICE, THAT I WILL DO THAT FOR FREE!!! I am not a avid man, and I am very sociable, so you all can feel free to speak to me, and it will be a great pleasure to talk to someone who has the same thoughts and wishes as me.. ;) so, do not be shy people, just add me to your friends, and let's start our intersting conversation. =) I am waiting for your messages...
Hi, please, contact, if you need a high score in international English exams, general or business speaking skills or just ЕГЭ. Classes available in Nizhny Novgorod and SamaraPhD Linguist certified by Cambridge in Teaching Methods and English Language.
Hi, I'm from Kiew and I'm a teacher of English and German...I'll be glad to help anyone)
i've been studying english for the last 16 years. learning english is mandatory in my country!so i guess i'm pretty good at it.i've also studied archaic shakespeaeian english. i can give online english lessons for free. you can add me on kontakte or msn messengermy id is mayank_the_one@hotmail.comalso i am available on google talk.my id is m.stairwaytoheaven@gmail.com and happy halloween! :)
what country is that??
And I have nothing) Ain't nutn but my own site www.doshi.intway-america.com - jus' check it out.... No comments, I guess
Hi everyone,I've got IELTS scored 7,5,plus I'm a teacher of English at the university and seminar assistant too (the seminars I teach are also in English).Also I'm a tutor of a few school pupils, who are preparing for the tests.The place of work and residence is Kyiv. More detailed information you can get after contacting me.Best regards
I think if u give your advertisements in English, anyone who really needs it (I mean russian amateurs) won't be able to translate them..)
HI! If anyone is interested in having private lessons of English with a native speaker from USA, you are much welcome! Location: Saint Petersburg.
English for everyone!Any level,any age!